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Moda España

K-KOU Madrid belongs to the Spain Fashion Confederation, which is currently a big associative platform created and supported by different institutions in the fashion sector in Spain; that go from design, confection and manufacturing, to distribution and sale. Among other purposes, it seeks to group and distinguish those Spanish fashion products on the market, allowing consumers to accurately identify the origin of the products.

In this way, ModaEspaña has worked on the “ModaEspaña label” to value the fashion sector and promote its relocation in our country by part of the industry that moved to other countries several years ago and vindicate it from an economic point of view .

What does it mean that K-KOU Madrid has the ModaEspaña label?

That we have an adhesion contract allows where we value the origin of our products designed and manufactured in Spain.
High transparency with our clients and end consumers. We have a requirement to comply with the labeling criteria, adding the black label to all garments.
We make correct use of our brand, and of the Spain brand, both in form and in substance, so we favor and maintain the protection of the meaning of ModaEspaña.